All Environmental Problems can be solved by Technology!

The last 150+ Years divided humanity in terms of Progress. Colonialism changed the entire Socialstructures that was valid for thousand of Years in many parts of the Earth. After the Cold War Capitalism crystalized as the dominant form of prosperity and many countrys got wealthy on burning fossils and heavy Industries.

Europe produced mostly coal and steel fueled by the Industrialization in the World. America is still in dire need of Oil to keep his Army moveable, same goes for Russia. Not to speak of other Heavy Industries from 1. & 2. World. Many technologys got better and cleaner since then and overall machines and power consuption is getting more efficient and renewable.

Many people in 3. World are now getting ready for industrialization. The Internet empowers them to educate themself even if there is no infrastructure for that from the government. But there is no Technology Transfer happening, so most likely they way to wealth will be the same on 1. & 2. World: on the back of the Environment

You can not deny Farmers in Brazil to cut down the rainforest, its a tragedy no questions ask, but for the people on amazonas, jungle is not as valuable as farmland. You can not demand from the people to relinquish their wealth if you not are willing to spare your own wealth.

And thats the Problem: There would be a technological Solution for any Environmental Problem of the World but this would mean that Societys and politics must work together and wealth needs to be spreaded equaly. Sounds like Socialism which was also never working… So what is the solution? Maybe Blockchain Technology can help?!

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