Blockchain & Crypto Dictionary and Slang

Getting in the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency space can be daunting at time. Special when you talk to other People that are in there for a long time. The Community has build some own Terms and Slang around the Technology which is commonly used and can be misunderstood if you are new to this part of the Internet.

We had the same issues and therefore we built a dictionary for us which we like to share on our mainpage. It will be constantly augmented and is a good source if you need to check some wordings or dont know what the meaning of it is. You can use any Search Engine for this as well but some words & terms are Crypto specific and have different meanings in another context. If you have Feedback or found something that you like to have added to the list, drop us a message and we will put it in there if it makes sense!

You find the Blockchain Dictionary on our Mainpage.

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