The Internet stays undefeated!

Since the emerging of the Internet the World has Changed. Todays Innovation goes in a fast pace and does not stop at borders! Access to Information and Knowledge was never so easy to obtain and its on us to maintain it that way!

Todays Internet is challenged by Governments and Corporations,yet its still undefeated! We need it to keep it that way! At the Beginning of this Innovative Technology there was no way to controll and observe all the Traffic from the Internet. Not to think of the technological possibility to link all the data together.

There was just no Technology that could do that. Not even big enough Harddrives or Fast enough processors to handle the small amounts of data at that time. Todays Traffic has only increased since then and new Technology emerged to extract information from it.

To keep up wit latest changes of the Internet and how we are using it Brendan Eich creator of the JavaScript Programming Language has founded Brave Software which has developed the Brave Browser.

Brave Browser is up to 8x faster than your current Browser, has built in Ad Blocker and Privacy Protection against Trackers. And the very best: its completly free! You can even get payed by watching ads if you want to do so! Wired, CNet and TheVerge are allready covering Brave in their Storys!

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is based on Google Chrome and you can use the Chrome Plugins. Brave can also encrypt your Connection to Servers that have no built in Traffic Encryption and displays the time you saved by dont loading useless stuff in your browser what will save you data and battery!

Basic Attention Token

Brave also offers Brave Rewards, a way you can earn Money by Browsing. If you click a add you will be rewarded with Cryptocurrencies like BAT, the Basic Attention Token, which will be delieverd localy in your browser and can not be tracked by default! Technology is awesome!

The Internet also changed the way we do Buisness on many layers, more on that later. But the Internet was boosting International Trading like nothing ever before! More Competition means most of the Time better Options for the Consumer.

However whit more Competitiors its not easy to find the best Price and to avoid scams is also a current Risk this Days. The best way to counter this and getting the best Options is using the Honey Browser Addon.

Honey will automaticly find the best Prices and discounts for you and also protect you from Scams with the 10 Million User Community Rating System. Its Free, it will save you time and money, nuff said: Add Honey to your Browser

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